Utah, celebrated for its breathtaking natural beauty and a spirit of outdoor adventure, provides an excellent backdrop for the Kids Eat Free program. This program allows families to enjoy Utah’s diverse cuisine, ranging from mountain-inspired dishes to the urban culinary offerings of Salt Lake City, in a more affordable way.

Whether exploring the iconic red rock formations of Arches National Park, skiing in the Wasatch Range, or experiencing the cultural attractions of Salt Lake City, restaurants across Utah provide a wide range of family-friendly dining options. The Kids Eat Free program in Utah not only makes dining out more accessible for families but also invites them to savor the state’s rich flavors and culinary diversity, set against the backdrop of its stunning landscapes and vibrant cities.

Utah Cities and Towns

Fun Facts About Utah

  1. Five National Parks: Utah is home to five national parks, known as the “Mighty 5”: Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, and Zion.

  2. Great Salt Lake: The largest saltwater lake in the Western Hemisphere and the largest natural lake west of the Mississippi River.

  3. Skiing Destination: Renowned for having ‘The Greatest Snow on Earth,’ Utah is a premier skiing destination.

  4. Monument Valley: Famous for its towering red sandstone formations and iconic Western movie backdrops.

  5. Bonneville Salt Flats: The site of numerous land speed records, located in the western part of the state.

  6. Utah’s Dinosaur Legacy: Home to one of the largest collections of Jurassic-era dinosaur bones at the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry.

  7. The Beehive State: Utah’s state symbol, the beehive, represents industry and the pioneer virtues of thrift and perseverance.

  8. Salt Lake City: Hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics, the first Winter Olympics held in the state.

  9. Delicate Arch: One of the most famous natural arches located in Arches National Park.

  10. Utah Jazz: The state’s only major professional sports team in the NBA, based in Salt Lake City.

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