Wyoming, renowned for its vast natural beauty and rich western heritage, offers a captivating setting for the Kids Eat Free program. This initiative allows families to enjoy Wyoming’s distinctive cuisine, known for its game meats and ranch-inspired dishes, in a more budget-friendly manner.

Whether exploring the majestic landscapes of Grand Teton National Park, experiencing the cowboy culture in towns like Cody and Jackson, or enjoying the tranquil beauty of the high plains, Wyoming’s restaurants offer a range of family-friendly dining options. The Kids Eat Free program in Wyoming not only makes dining out more accessible for families but also invites them to savor the state’s unique flavors and culinary traditions, set against the backdrop of its rugged mountains, open skies, and cowboy culture.

Wyoming Cities and Towns

Fun Facts About Wyoming

  1. Yellowstone National Park: The first national park in the world, known for its geothermal features like Old Faithful.

  2. Grand Teton National Park: Home to some of the most striking mountain landscapes in the U.S.

  3. Devils Tower: The first national monument in the country, a sacred site to many Native American tribes.

  4. Jackson Hole: A renowned destination for skiing and outdoor recreation.

  5. Cheyenne Frontier Days: One of the largest outdoor rodeo and western celebrations in the world.

  6. High Elevation: Wyoming has the second-highest average elevation in the U.S., after Colorado.

  7. The Cowboy State: Known as the Cowboy State, reflecting its deep roots in cowboy culture and ranching.

  8. Wind River Range: Offers some of the most remote and stunning hiking areas in the country.

  9. Coal Production: Wyoming is the largest coal producer in the United States.

  10. Wyoming Dinosaur Center: A world-class museum and dig site near Thermopolis, showcasing extensive dinosaur fossils.

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